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McDonald’s Wrap Singapore – Wrap of the Day

World’s No 1 fast food chain McDonald’s is also famous in Singapore. McDonald’s Singapore has different menu according to the taste of people living there. McDonald’s wrap Singapore is highly searched item after McDonald’s Breakfast menu in Singapore. McDonald’s offer wrap of the day as promotional item all around the world including Singapore. In Singapore McDonald’s grilled Chicken McWrap is very popular. Besides this the Breakfast menu of McDonald’s Singapore offers McDonald wrap breakfast. One is breakfast wrap chicken sausage price and other is Breakfast Wrap Chicken Ham.

Below we have given complete details of these Wraps. Come and Check McDonald’s Wrap of the Day today to enjoy the worlds finest taste.

McDonald’s Wrap Singapore – Sep 2023

The Garlic Mayo Chicken One Grilled
361.00 KCal S$ 6.10

McDonald’s Breakfast Wraps Singapore

430.00 Cal S$ 6.2
Available in Breakfast Ony
Breakfast Wrap Chicken Ham
472.00 Cal S$ 6.3
Available in Breakfast Ony
Breakfast Wrap Chicken Sausage

McDonald’s Wrap Meal Prices Singapore – Sep 2023

McDonald’s Wrap Singapore Meal Meal Prices
Grilled Chicken McWrap Meal (Wrap + Fries +Regular Drink)S$ 8.95
Breakfast Wrap Chicken Sausage Meal ( Wrap + McCafe + Hashbrown) S$ 7.95
Breakfast Wrap Chicken Ham Meal ( Wrap + McCafe + Hashbrown) S$ 7.45

Thats all about McDonald’s Wrap Singapore, To Order You can visit McDonald’s Singapore.

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