BBQ & Bacon Chicken Wrap Recipe

BBQ & Bacon Chicken Wrap Recipe

One of the most desirable and mouth watering dish of McDonald’s is BBQ and Bacon Chicken Crispy/Grilled. It has the taste of both BBQ smoky chicken flavor and the richness of Bacon strips.

Sometimes, you crave this McDonald’s fast food item but it is hard to leave your home because McDonald’s is far away from your home and you are not able to drive it for too long just trying this McDonald’s Item. 

Moreover, you also didn’t order it because they didn’t offer their services in your area. Don’t worry, what are you waiting for, try with a mouthwatering dish in your kitchen while staying at home. Make sure you have all the ingredients in your home and let’s begin your culinary adventure.

Homemade BBQ & Bacon chicken wrap Recipe is very easy and it tastes just like McDonald’s food. I recently made this at my home and everyone likes it. all of its ingredients taste wonderful and the freshness of tomatoes and lettuce also gives a fresh taste to each and every bite of wrap

Follow all the steps that are mentioned in the BBQ and Bacon Chicken Wrap Recipe and don’t Skip any step from it. 

How can you Prepare BBQ and Bacon Chicken Wrap?

Follow the guideline, it will help you to make homemade BBQ and Bacon Chicken Wrap (both in Crispy/Grilled) at your home.


  • Lettuce 
  • Streaky Bacon 
  • Chicken 
  • Tortilla 
  • Tomato 
  • Garlic Mayo.


  • Streaky Bacon: 97 KJ or 23 Kcal
  • BBQ chicken Breast: 220 Kcal


Let the oven Preheat to 190oC or 375oF and let it bake for 20 to 25 Minutes.


Energy        2067 KJ (25%RI) , 493 KCal (25%RI)      
Fat  20g (28%RI)   
Saturated Fat   2.8g (14%RI)  
Sugars 6.5g (7%RI)   
Salt 2.3g (38%RI)

Instruction For BBQ and Bacon Chicken Wrap Recipe:

Take a boneless chicken and place it into a bowl. Pour some BBQ sauce. Then sprinkle some black paper and salt. Cover the bowl and place it in the Refrigerator for almost 30 minutes. Moreover, you can also leave it in your refrigerator overnight. 

  • Let the oven to Preheat at 190oC or 375oF. 
  • Now, take a baking dish, place the marinated chicken over it, and let it bake for 20 to 25 Minutes or until you can clearly see the juice of chicken on it. to add more flavor, you can brush some more BBQ sauce on it. 
  • Take the Bacon Chicken and also Bake it at the same temperature as you can use for BBQ Chicken. 
  • Now, it’s time to warm your tortilla in a heat pan from both sides for almost 20 minutes or according to the instructions that are written on its wrap. 
  • Now, add some mayo or BBQ sauce to the Tortilla and spread it with the help of a spoon all over the tortilla. 
Preheat the tortilla
  • Take the lettuce and place it over the Tortilla properly. You can also add some more salad or veggies according to your taste. 
shred Lettuce
  • Now, place the chicken pieces over the Lettuce leaves. 
put chicken piece inside tortilla
  • After that add the Bacon strips over it. 
add bacon
  • Wrap it carefully and also use a toothpick after wrapping it. the toothpick will help it to close properly and don’t let it open again. Cut the wrap into pieces and enjoy it with some more sauces!
Enjoy bbq and bacon chicken wrap

Our Reviews:

The recipe that is in the blog is very smooth and its process is very easy to follow. On the other hand, you can also add some more veggies and some spices according to your taste and it will give you one other reason to like your handmade BBQ and Bacon Chicken Crispy/Grilled recipe. 

The best thing about this homemade BBQ and Bacon Chicken is it is properly hygienic and clean. It will also not impact your health and you will like it more. It is highly recommended that use your kitchen for a more satisfying and delicious meal. 

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