Can I order a custom wrap at McDonald's

Can I order a custom wrap at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s has long been a pillar of the fast-food industry all over the world. So, the company has made a name for itself due to its unique products. In 2006, in response to the high demand from the customers, they tried to offer their customers a healthy food known as wrap. Now a days its famous as wrap of the day McDonald’s offer.

However, people have asked the question Can I order a custom wrap at McDonald’s, and how does it work? So, with the passage of time, they offer the customers a range of wraps with unique ingredients. 

In 2013, the company also offered its customers to create custom wraps with their own interest after following the instructions that mention in their menu card. This new offering permits the customers to build their own wrap. 

So, customers order wraps with their choice of ingredients on the menu list by adding or replacing the wrap ingredients. But remember that this permission is  location-dependent as some regions may not provide this facility. 

Hence, to know about this facility visit the official website.  Also, contact your local McDonald’s that offers Custom Wrap. So, as a lover of the wrap, you want to know how much customization McDonald’s allows. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Determining whether the customization is available 

First, keep in mind that the availability of custom wraps depends on a variety of factors. Let’s know about these factors.

Can I order a custom wrap at McDonald's

Regional: Custom wrap facility depends on the region, maybe which city you live in, this facility may or may not be available. So, visit the original website or contact your local McDonald’s to confirm.

Location: Maybe the facility is available in your region but the custom wrap is not available in your location.

Limited Time: Sometimes owners offer time-limited make-your-own wraps. So, check this availability in your region’s McDonald’s menu list.

Customer Demand: The availability of the customer wraps also depends on the demand of the customers. If they prefer the custom wrap then you can enjoy the wrap as per your choice.

How to order a Custom Wrap?

After confirming that Custom Wrap is available in your region and location, you can order Custom Wrap with specific component replacements. So, how it works, now we’ll explain a step-by-step guide to ordering a custom wrap.

How to order a Custom Wrap

Refer to Ordering Service:

After the visit and arrival at your regional McDonald’s restaurant refer to the ordering service. Custom Wrap.

Custom wrap:

Before ordering, it should be confirmed that the menu card has this facility. If it is available, read the instructions on it for custom wraps.

Type of Wrap:

Now, firstly, select the type of wrap available on the menu card. Read the ingredients to see if it’s a vegetarian, beef, or chicken option to suit your diet and health.


The ingredients used in most custom wraps are based on the meat and vegetables listed below.

  • Shredded lettuce
  • Diced tomato
  • Grilled or crispy onion 
  • Cheese
  • Mayo
  • Sauteed mushrooms
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Meat
  • Bacon
  • Grilled or Crispy Chicken
  • Caesar

Select Ingredients: 

Customize the wrap by choosing the ingredients that are available in the menu card according to your interests. 

Select Sauces:

Now, you choose the sauces of your choice which can include ranch, sweet chilli, or honey mustard.

Orde the Wrap:

Once you’ve chosen the ingredients you’re interested in, double-check which ones suit your diet plan and guide the owners. 

Appreciate and pay:

After receiving the order, it is important to appreciate and thank them for their service of custom wrap and also pay the bill. So, in the future, they will offer this facility and you will enjoy the wraps of your choice.

Suggest more ideas for Customization

If you find out that the custom wraps are not available at McDonald’s restaurants in your location. So, you can advise restaurant staff or owners about the availability of the custom wrap. So don’t hesitate to suggest the staff.

Therefore, your suggestion is important in terms of the availability of the wrap. As they prefer customer feedback to offer more services. Moreover, your feedback may force the owners to think about it. So,  they will change the menu card and offer custom wraps in the future. 

Wrapping Up:

It’s important to know that the custom wrap availability depends on your region or the location of the  McDonald’s restaurant. Whether they offer custom wrapping or not. To make sure you can visit the restaurant and check the menu card or ask the management team. 

So, by verifying, you know if Can I order a custom wrap at McDonald’s, and how does it work. If you check multiple times but the facility is not available, you can advise the management team about your requirements. 

Owners can prioritize your suggestions and think seriously about customer needs and demands. As a result, they will facilitate custom wraps in the future.

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