Snack wrap

McDonald’s Chicken Snack Wrap – Recipe, Ingredients & Price

Snack wrap

Are McDonald’s Snack Wrap on your favorite snacks list but you want to prepare them on your own instead of buying them from McDonald’s regularly? If so, then stay right here because we are giving you a perfect guide to preparing these snacks wrapped in your own kitchen in a clean environment. You will surely enjoy this homemade crispy-coated chicken with cheese, lettuce, and spicy mayo in a warm tortilla wrap. 

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If you are willing to try these yummy McDonald’s Snack Wraps, then get ready, buy the below-discussed simple ingredients, go straight to your kitchen, and carefully follow the instructions to prepare worth-eating wrap snacks. Let’s get straight to the point and read the article to get information regarding ingredients, nutritional summary, and recipe of McDonald’s Snack Wrap which will undoubtedly be your delicious snack wrap of every time. 

Brief Overview Of the Ingredients and Nutritional Summary of McDonald’s Snack Wrap.

If you are ready to prepare McDonald’s Snack Wrap, then first you have to collect its ingredients. For this purpose, you require simple ingredients that lie under your budget. These snacks not only provide you with an unbeatable taste but are also enriched in nutrition. You can say that they will meet your nutritional requirements. 

The information related to the ingredients and nutritional summary of McDonald’s Snack Wrap is given below.

Ingredients in The Spicy Chicken Snack Wrap

Here is the list of ingredients required for McDonald’s Snack Wrap.

  • Chicken Select
  • Small Tortilla Wrap
  • Hot & Spicy Mayo
  • Lettuce (Iceberg)
  • Cheddar Cheese Slice

Nutrition Per Ingredients of Chicken Snack Wrap

Chicken Select501 kJ , 120 kcal
Small Tortilla Wrap491 kJ, 116 kcal
Hot & Spicy Mayo245 kJ, 59 kcal
Lettuce (Iceberg)6 kJ, 1 kcal
Cheddar Cheese Slice104 kJ, 25 kcal

Chicken Snack Wrap Nutritional Summary

Nutritional InformationPer Portion%RI (Adult)
Energy (kcal)32216% RI
Energy (kJ)134716% RI
Salt 1.524% RI
Protein1327% RI
Carbohydrates3012% RI
Sugar1.92% RI
Fat1623% RI
Saturated Fat3.115% RI

Spicy Chicken Snack Wrap Recipe

Here is the step-by-step guide for preparing delicious, spicy McDonald’s Snack Wrap.

  • First of all, take one cup of flour and ½ cup of cornstarch and mix them well. Add sazon, cajun, and black pepper to this mixture and mix them again. You can also use your choice of seasoning for desired taste. 
  • Take the required amount of boneless chicken in a bowl and season it with McCormick chicken taco seasoning. Add a small amount of mustard powder too for frying. 
  • Next, coat the seasoned chicken and coat it well with the pre-prepared mixture of flour, cornstarch, and other ingredients. For better coating, coat all the pieces of boneless chicken separately. During coating, make sure to dust off the excess mixture.
  • Once the chicken coating is done, put oil in a frying pan and allow it to heat up to fry the chicken. After it is heated up, take the chicken pieces one by one and put them in the hot oil. Allow them to deep fry until they turn golden brown. 
  • Once the chicken is fried, take a tortilla and toast it well in a pan without using oil. 
  • After toasting the tortilla, place the tortilla on a plate. Take shredded lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese slice, and fried chicken and place them in the center of the tortilla. Then, carefully add hot and spicy mayo. You can also add additional ingredients to enhance flavor. 
  • In the end, carefully roll down the tortilla. Now, it is ready to eat. Enjoy the yummiest McDonald’s Snack Wrap with your favorite cold drinks.

Allergens Might Present in McDonald’s Snack Wrap

The following are the allergens that might be present in the McDonald’s Snack Wrap and you must avoid them to prevent any sort of allergic reaction. Make sure to use those ingredients that are hypoallergenic.

1- Dairy Proteins:

Some people are allergic to the proteins found in dairy products such as cheese, and milk. Cheese is among the main ingredients in these tasty snacks. If you are allergic to dairy products, avoid using them in McDonald’s Snack Wrap.

2- Gluten:

Wheat flour used to make tortillas contains gluten which can cause allergic reactions in many people. If you are allergic to gluten, use a tortilla that lacks gluten.

3- Sesame or Soy:

If you are allergic to sesame or soy, then don’t use sesame or soy oil for frying purposes. Use any other oil to fry chicken to prevent sesame-related allergies.

Other Allergens:

Besides these main allergens, you must not use any ingredient in snack wraps that can cause allergies. Always try to use hypoallergenic ingredients to enjoy McDonald’s snack wraps without any health hazards. 

Final Remark of Mark

We have clearly explained the ingredients, nutritional summary, and recipe for preparing the McDonald’s Snack Wrap. The mentioned ingredients and recipe of these snacks shares similarity to the ones made in Mcdonald’s. If you try these snack wraps, you will definitely feel the taste of the McDonald-made snack wraps and will crave them every day.

I have personally followed the above-discussed recipe and love the snack wraps. You can also change the ingredients according to your requirements and taste. If you are a vegetarian, you can use vegetables instead of chicken. These snack wraps are more hygienic and cost-effective than the McDonald’s snack wraps available in restaurants. You must try them to enjoy an appetizing and unbeatable experience.


Q. Can I Customize the Ingredients Used in Making McDonald’s Snack Wrap?

Yes! You can add desired ingredients while preparing snack wraps. If you don’t like cheese or lettuce, you can use other alternative ingredients. You can also use other seasonings to add your desired flavor.

Q. Can I Make a Vegetarian Version of McDonald’s Snack Wraps?

Absolutely Yes! If you are a vegetarian and don’t want to prepare chicken-based snack wraps, you can use vegetables instead of chicken. For this purpose, you can use roasted or grilled vegetables for a mouthwatering vegetarian version of McDonald’s snack wraps. 

Q. Are homemade McDonald’s Snack Wraps more hygienic?

The McDonald’s snack wraps made in your own place prove more hygienic compared to the ones made in McDonald’s. This is mainly because of the clean environment, oils, and ingredients. 

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